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Medical Devices Eye Wash

• Eye Wash Station
• 2 x 500ml Eye Wash Solution
• 2 x Eye Bandages
• Clear Plastic Carry case
• Wall Mountable Bracket

Wall mountable eyewash stand complete with
• 1 x 500ML eyewash bottle, with clear clip tight cover

Wall mountable double eyewash stand, complete with 2 x 500ML eyewash bottle, with clear clip tight cover

Eyewash Pods Pack 25 X 20ml
Product Code: CM0705

• Eyewash pods
• 20ml Solution
• Sterile Sodium Chloride 0.9% w/v Ph.Eur
• Packed in 25's [25 x 20ml]
• For irrigation only
• Sellng unit = 1pack of 25
• Outer carton quantity 10 packs of 25

• The HypaClens 20ml Eye Wash Dispenser is a wall mounted eye wash dispenser which ensures that in the event of an emergency eye wash is easily located.
• The dispenser comes with a pack of 25 x 20ml HypaClens Eye Wash Pods
• Refills can be purchased
• Integrated mirror is ideal for self-administration of eye wash
• Clear instructions on front of dispenser
• Wall fixings not supplied

Eyewash Bottle 500ml
Product Code: CM0710

• Eyewash Bottle
• Sterile emergency eye wash solution
• 500ml bottle
• Sodium chloride BP 0.9%w/v.
• For irrigation only

Eyewash Pod Station (10x20ml)
Product Code: CM0715

• Eye Wash Pod Station
• 10 x 20ml Pods
• 2 x No 16 Eye Pad Dressings
• Mirror

• Eye wash station
• 2 x 500ml solution bottles
• 2 x No16 eye bandages
• Mirror

Eyewash First Aid Kit
Product Code: CM0721

This eyewash kit can be wall mounted or be carried to any incident and has the following contents:

• 2 x 500ml sterile eyewash bottles
• 8 x 20ml sterile eyewash pods
• 2 x boxed eyepad dressings

Eyewash Bath
Product Code: CM0733

• Hard wearing eye bath for repeated use
• Plastic construction
• Fits neatly over eye socket for easy dispensing
• Supplied in a pack of 10

• Single cartons with Plum Eyewash.
• The carton protects the bottle and is suitable for refilling stations and for mobile work[1]places.

In locations where a continuous supply of potable water is unavailable, this wall mounted eye/face wash unit offers the solution to keep your workforce safe.
The slimline 38 litre tank delivers a controlled flow of a minimum 1.5 litres per minute of water for 15 minutes, meeting EN15154 and ANSI Z358.1-2014 requirements. Suitable for indoor use and with the addition of optional insulated or heated jackets, can also be installed outdoors.

• Delivery manifold drains unused water away reducing the risk of stagnating water becoming trapped
• High visibility orange unit incorporates handles to aid installation
• Wide opening for ease of filling
• Meets the requirements of EN and ANSI standards

Eyewash Bottle 250ml
Product Code: CM0725

• 250ml eyewash bottle
• 0.9% W/Y Sodium Chloride Solution
• Suitable for irrigating eyes and wound cleansing
• For use in BS8599-1 Travel Kits, or adding to any first aid kit

• Suitable for irrigating eyes & wound cleaning
• 0.9% Sterile saline solution
• Available in 500ml
• 500ml available c/w cap

Wound and eye wash spray rinses and cleanses dust and dirt from wounds and eyes.
This innovative wound and eye wash spray supports wound healing with an isotonic saline solution, which mechanically removes foreign bodies, reduces pathogens, as well as blood, clot and dead tissue, while moistening the tissue.

Benefits of Wound and Eye Wash Sprays

• Reusable, can be used for several applications, remains Sterile after each use.
• Quickly and effectively rinse and cleanse dust and dirt from eyes and wounds
• Versatile and safe for both wounds and eyes
• Can be used at any angle
• Environmental friendly
• Hypoallergenic
• Sterilized

Cederroth Eyewash Station
Product Code: CM0726

• The world's smallest eye emergency department
• Hygienic door
• Buffered liquid increases the chance of saving your eyes
• Plaster dispenser and extra compartment
• An eyewash instruction is included

This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer, please allow 7 days for delivery.

Cederroth 500ml Eyewash Bottle
Product Code: CM0727

Cederroth Eye Wash (500ml) has a functional design for effective flushing. The Eye Wash bottle is quick and easy to open with only a twist being required to open the botle. As well as diluting and flushing away the dangerous substance, Cederroth's buffered Eye Wash also has a neutralizing effect on splashes from alkalis and acids. Cederroth Eye Wash (500ml) provides a higher chance of saving your eyes in case of an emergency. Cederroth Eye Wash (500ml) features an integrated dust cover that keeps the eye cup clean. The dust cover also acts as an opening device.

Bottle Dimensions: Ø 6.6cm x 23.5cm

Cederroth Eye Wash has a shelf life of 4/5 years, which is the longest shelf life among the eye wash products on the market.
Cederroth Eye Wash is CE labelled, sterile and intended for single use and meets all the requirements of the new European standard.

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